Free Range Egg Recipes

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Egg tart



250g all-purpose flour (for water dough)
1/2 free range egg, beaten (for water dough)
25g sugar (for water dough)
13g shortening (for water dough)
75g cold water (for water dough)
150g cold butter (for oil dough)
250g shortening (for oil dough)
200g all-purpose flour (for oil dough)
80g sugar (for egg filling)
280ml cold water (for egg filling)
4 large free range eggs (for egg filling)
80ml half and half (for egg filling)
Prep: 40 mins

Cook: 25 mins

Preparation Method

  • Make oil dough first. Put flour in a large mixing bowl. Add in butter, and cut using a pastry cutter. Then add shortening. Use a pastry cutter to combine into a dough.
  • Place in plastic wrap and freeze until firm. Mine takes about an hour.
  • For water dough: Put flour in a large bowl. Add in egg, sugar, and shortening. Mix. Add in cold water. Mix until a dough forms. Do not over mix.
  • Place in plastic wrap and freeze until firm.
  • After dough’s are firm. Preheat oven to 350F. Make egg filling.
  • For egg filling: Boil water with sugar, until sugar dissolves. Let cool.
  • Mix eggs with half & half using a fork. Try not to add bubbles.
  • After sugar cools, add to egg mixture. Sieve mixture twice. Cover and keep in fridge until ready.
  • Roll out the oil dough into a rectangle.
  • Roll out the water dough into a rectangle that is twice as long as the oil
  • Put the oil dough in the centre of the water dough. Fold up both ends of the water dough to meet in the centre, covering the oil dough completely.
  • Roll out flat. Fold into quarters. Freeze 20 minutes. Repeat twice.
  • Roll out flat and thin, then cut dough using a round cookie cutter a little bigger than the tart tin's diameter.
  • Place each circle into the tart tin (mines were 2 inches in diameter on top), and press into mold. Repeat with all of dough and mold.
  • Place molds on a baking sheet. Pour egg mixture into prepared mold until 4/5 full.
  • Bake for 25 minutes or until golden. Do not let the centers bubble up or form spheres. Your oven is too hot if it does.