Free Range Egg Recipes

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Crème caramel


Serves: 6

For caramel: 150g sugar
knob of butter, for greasing
For custard: 4 free range eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
25g caster sugar
600ml full-fat or semi skimmed milk
to serve pouring cream
Prep: 30 mins

Cook: 0 mins

Preparation Method

  • Pre-heat oven 150C/Gas 2. Warm the ramekins in the oven.
  • Make the caramel. Pour the sugar and 6 tbsp of water into a clean stainless steel pan.
  • Dissolve the sugar slowly, stirring with a spoon over a low heat.
  • When there are no sugar granules left, stop stirring and boil until the sugar turns a dark copper colour.
  • Remove immediately from the heat to ensure the caramel does not burn. Quickly pour the caramel into the warmed ramekins.
  • Set aside to cool and become hard. (Do not put in the fridge because the sugar will absorb moisture and go soft and tacky).
  • Once hard, butter the sides of the ramekins above the level of the caramel.
  • For the custard, whisk the eggs, vanilla extract and caster sugar together in a bowl until well mixed.
  • Pour the milk into a saucepan, gently heat over a low heat until you can still just dip your finger in for a moment, then strain the milk through a fine sieve onto the egg mixture in the bowl.
  • Whisk together until smooth, then pour the mixture into the prepared ramekins.
  • Stand the ramekins in a roasting tin and fill the tin half-way with boiling water from a kettle.
  • Cook in the oven for about 20-30 minutes or until the custard has set. Do not overcook the custard – check around the edges of the dishes, to make sure no bubbles are appearing.
  • Take the crème caramels out of the oven, remove the ramekins from the tray and set on a cooling rack. When cool, transfer to the fridge overnight so that the caramel is absorbed into the custard.
  • To serve, loosen the sides of the custard by tipping the ramekin and loosen with a small palette knife round the edges. Place a serving dish on top of the ramekin and turn upside down. Serve with pouring cream.