Explore insulation to keep eggs warm

A science project centered around determining the best insulation would help provide answers to what types of material should be used to keep eggs warm. Here are some examples of materials that may, or may not, be used:

Materials that do not let heat move through them easily (they do not conduct heat well) are called thermal insulators.

Plastics, wood and some fabrics are good thermal insulators.

Thermal insulators are good at keeping heat out and keeping heat in. Your winter scarf is a good example of a thermal insulator. It stops the heat from your body escaping into the cold air.

Plastic is a good example of a thermal insulator. It can be used as a handle on a saucepan - the plastic stops the heat from travelling to your hand.

Polystyrene is a good thermal insulator as it does not easily let heat pass through.

Metal is an example of a bad insulator.