The Easter Story

The Easter Egg represents the resurrection or rebirth of Christ after the crucifixion, and this is why it is vastly shown around Easter. The following should give students a better understanding of the story:

Jesus asked his friends to find him a donkey. Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem.

The people gathered together, it was like a big huge parade. They waved palm leaves at Jesus as he came down the streets.

But, some people did not like Jesus. They were jealous of him and wanted him gone.

Jesus and his friends had a special dinner. He was very sad as he knew that people were plotting against him.

After dinner, Jesus prayed all ni
ght in the garden of Gethsemane.
The next morning, Jesus’ enemies came to get him. They placed a crown of thorns on his head and put him on a cross.

When Jesus died, they placed his body in a tomb which was cut in to a rock. The tomb was sealed with a large stone.

Two days later, Mary Magdalene, a friend of Jesus visited the tomb. She found that the stone had been moved and
Jesus was gone!
Jesus was resurrected.