Set up a debate free range vs caged birds

Get pupils to interact passionately about the subject. Debating is a great form of learning. Here are some pro's and con's for free range eggs and caged birds:

Free Range Eggs
Pro's   Con's
Birds get to eat natural diet of grains, insects, greens etc
  Cost more per bird to raise.                                    
Birds healthier because they are given room and space, free to roam
  Risk of being killed by predators
Egg quality is far higher and has correct ratio of omega 3 fatty acid to omega 6 fatty acid
Eggs are far higher in vitamin D
Enriched environment accommodates greater behavioral diversity

Pro's   Con's
Inexpensive to keep                                          Birds have less space and live in a more
confined unit

No risk of predation   Never get to see natural daylight
    Bad air quality
    Reduced bone strength