Design a box for an Easter egg

This is guaranteed to bring out the creative streak in anybody. Design a great looking Easter egg box:Creativity – Be creative when designing your box! Think of different 3D shapes you could use. Think about the design of your logo. Can you include something nobody else has thought of?

Resilience – You will need to keep going if you make a mistake! If you design a difficult net, you may need to modify your design so that it all fits together properly

Teamwork – You will work as a group.

Independence – Try to work things out for yourself, without asking for help. Look back in your book for any formulas you might need.

Problem Solving – If you design a tricky net, you will have to work out how all the pieces will fit together.

Each group has a pack of different nets.
Task One: Work out the surface area of all the nets.
For some of the nets you can simply count the centimetre squares.

For other nets you will need to measure the dimensions of each shape and use a formula to work out the area.
Task Two: Carefully cut out the nets and fold them into a 3D shape. Name all the 3D shapes you have made

Task Three: Design your own net for an Easter Egg box.
Draw a plan for the net and the logo on a piece of paper.
Copy your plan in neat onto your A3 card
Work out the total surface area of your box.