Build and race egg buggies

Build and race egg buggies! Get into teams, name your team and your buggie, get designing and building.


Then, for the final touch, place an egg onto it.


Make sure there is no crashes - or else yolk will be everywhere!


Plenty of research and design will be needed to ensure a well operated and smooth ride.

  1. Get into teams
  2. Name your team and the buggie
  3. Design a simple moving buggie - create blueprints and sketches
  4. Gather materials and create the buggie
  5. Test the buggie, does it move smoothly? Is it faulty? Trial and error
  6. Make the buggie looks colourful - use paint, crayon, other materials etc
  7. Strap an egg onto it - make sure it's fastened in. He is, after all, your passenger
  8. Use innovative ways to make sure the egg is safe and secure
  9. Team racing tournament. Points gained for aesthetic features and how successful it is in moving. Points deducted if the egg falls off!
  10. Winning team is crowned champions!