Design your own Easter Egg



Here is an idea to get you started on designing your own Easter Egg... but why not try creating your own?


1/  Take a free range egg and place a straight pin on the smaller side of it.

Take a hammer and lightly tap the end of the pin until it makes a small hole in the end of the egg.


2/  Gently slide the pin inside the egg to break the yolk.

This will make it easier for draining the egg.


3/  Turn the egg so that the pinhole end is at the bottom, and let the yolk drain out.

It may take a while for the egg to drain and you may have to help it along

by moving the pin around the hole slightly.


4/  After the egg has drained, rinse the egg out by running water into the existing hole,

and then turn it back over to drain. After it is clean, let it dry thoroughly.


5/  When the egg is dry you are ready to draw your design. 


6/  It is best to draw on the egg with a pencil, and remember to draw lightly.

Paint the design you drew.

The type of paint you use is important because you want something that will last

and that will stick to the egg.


7/ Spray the egg with clear enamel spray and let dry throughly. This will make the egg shine.


8/  You may want to find an egg stand to put it in.